Due to the nature of the equipment used in the printing industry, it is not always possible to produce an exact quantity for a given order. While we make every effort to ensure each customer receives the exact quantity of product they ordered, occasionally there are slight overages and shortages.

It is common in the printing industry to have a + or – 10% policy, where customers are billed for the exact number of units shipped, within a range from 10% below to 10% above the actual quantity ordered.

Our company has adopted even stricter standards, and uses a 5% policy. We normally print extra labels for each job and ship them to our customers. Occasionally, we may end up a few labels short. If we ever ship you less than you ordered (within our 5% policy) we will adjust your invoice accordingly. When placing an order, please make sure you don't leave yourself in a situation where your business is negatively impacted by a shortage of labels.